Occupational Therapy


ECM Occupational Therapy’s aims are to assist children and young people towards developing their individual potential and optimum function..

Jill Barry

Independent Paediatric Occupational
Therapist Dip COT HCPC Registered

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy can help children who have difficulties with the practical and social skills necessary for every day life.
Your child will benefit from intervention by a Paediatric Occupational Therapist if they are having difficulties with any of the following:


Dressing self, difficulty with fastening buttons & tying shoe laces, clothes are inside out & back to front, struggling to use a knife & fork, problems showering/bathing & toileting.

Toy & play activities

Completion of jigsaws, constructing & building toys, cutting & gluing, drawing & colouring, jumping from one activity to another in quick succession, fearful of feet being off the ground, afraid of slides, swings and climbing apparatus.

Motor skills

Poor balance, not able to hop, jump or skip, unable to ride a bike, difficulty with ball skills in throwing, aiming & catching, falling & tripping frequently, bumping into people & objects, dropping & breaking things, difficulty using scissors & manipulating small objects such as opening wrappers/lids, managing zips & buttons.


Swapping hands when using a pencil, difficulties holding a pencil, awkward pencil grip, breaking pencils, heavy or very light pencil pressure, poor letter & number formation including reversals, illegible handwriting, cursive writing difficulties, slow writer & difficulty keeping up with the class.

Sensory abilities

Always needing to move around, over excited during movement, takes climbing risks, enjoys falling, decreased pain and temperature awareness, constantly fidgeting & touching objects & people, poor attention, difficulty concentrating & easily distracted, doesn't respond to own name being called, fearful of using playground equipment, very cautious using stairs & fearful when using an escalator, over reacts to being touched, unable to wear certain clothing textures, poor sleeping patterns, very picky eater with a restricted diet, upset by unexpected noises (placing hands over ears & screaming), distressed and resists hair being cut or washed.

ECM Occupational Therapy can provide therapeutic intervention to help your child towards reaching their own personal potential and optimum function.

Clinical Profile

I have twenty-three years experience working as an Occupational Therapist within the NHS.

My special interests are : Developmental Coordination Disorder, Autism, Sensory Processing and Developmental Learning Needs.

My work as a Paediatric Occupational Therapist began in 2002 where I assessed and provided therapeutic treatment for children both individually and in groups within special schools, mainstream primary/secondary schools, hospital clinics and in a child's own home environment. My therapeutic treatment involves sensory regulation and perceptual-motor approaches.

I am experienced in writing detailed and comprehensive reports.

Liaising with medical professionals, attending multi-disciplinary meetings and school reviews has been an area of responsibility in my Occupational Therapy roles both in schools and hospital settings.

Additionally I have experience in assessing and recommending specialist equipment to aid a child’s posture, motor function and sensory regulation.

My Occupational Therapy treatment programmes cover perceptual-motor approaches in the following areas: the development of gross motor (core stability, balance and shoulder strengthening), bilateral coordination and sequencing, bilateral integration & crossing the midline, visual motor integration, fine motor, eye tracking, handwriting, visual perceptual skills, proprioception, kinaesthesia and body awareness, tactile awareness, motor planning, visual spatial awareness, sensory modulation strategies and self care skill development.

I thoroughly enjoy my work and I am committed to helping each child I work with to progress towards their own potential and optimum function. It is always my goal to provide a high standard of professional care.

Our Services

ECM Therapy is an Independent Paediatric Occupational Therapy service based near Coleraine, Northern Ireland.

ECM Occupational Therapy aims are to assist children and young people towards developing their individual potential and optimum function through individually tailored therapeutic intervention.

Services Provided by ECM Therapy are as follows:

  • An initial screening questionnaire will be provided for parents/carers and teachers to complete in order to gather more information and any concerns you have about your child.

  • An initial interview will be carried out prior to the assessment to discuss information provided in the screening questionnaire and also to complete a sensory questionnaire if required.

  • A school observational visit, completion of a sensory profile and consultation with the class teacher will also form part of the assessment process.

  • The assessment will include the use of standardised assessment tools and clinical observations.

  • A report (2 copies) will be provided including advice and recommendations.

  • Individual motor perceptual and sensory programmes can be provided which are tailored to your child's individual needs.

  • Individual therapeutic treatment may include supporting your child in developing their skills in the following areas: Fine and Gross Motor Skills (core stability, balance and shoulder strengthening), Bilateral Coordination and Sequencing, Bilateral Integration & Crossing the Midline, Visual Motor Integration, Eye Tracking, Handwriting, Visual Perceptual Skills, Proprioception, Kinaesthesia and Body Awareness, Tactile Awareness, Motor Planning, Visual Spatial Awareness, Sensory Regulation Strategies and Self Care Skill development.

  • Consultation and treatment can be carried out in a child's own home, nursery and school.

  • Additional assessment and advice can be given to assist with nursery/school transitions.

  • Group treatments for sensory / motor / handwriting development can also be provided.


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ECM Therapy is an Independent Children's Occupational Therapy service based near Coleraine, Northern Ireland.

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